Food Storage for Toddlers

I enjoy preparing food for Antonia. And that’s a fact. Saturday morning is the best time for me to prepare her food since this is the time I own our kitchen. Everyone at home works on Saturdays, and the kitchen belongs to me during this time.

When my daughter started eating purées, I purchased this OXO Tot Freezer storage containers. It was totally useful that I can prepare her meal for the whole week.

Now that she is already able to eat meat and solids, I would normally take a portion of what we all eat, and see if she likes it.  But I still do cook for her separately as I don’t feed her prawn, squid, and pork yet. Fish, chicken and beef  are my best bet. Also, there she has declared some of her favorites, and I stick to them and try to satisfy her taste buds.

I cook about 2-3 different dishes and store them in the containers. I would normally write the dish name and date on the containers. Shelf life of frozen cooked food would be about a month or two, but for me, I dispose uneaten food after 2 weeks.

In the morning, I would ideally move the frozen food to the fridge so when it’s meal time, I can easily transfer it to a container for a trouble-free reheating.

 Food warmer is your best friend.

If food warmer is not available, hot water and bowl do the same trick. =)

I do the same for yogurt and other desserts. Reason being, I don’t want the spoon to be in and out of the container. It may sound too particular, but this is my child’s health, so yes, I am particular. =)

Additionally, I plan for my daughter’s weekly meal so I or the caregiver won’t have a hard time thinking of what to feed her.

Cooking and preparing food for my family have been really therapeutic. Hope this helps!

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