Pre-Birthday Photo Session

Indeed, it’s not easy to do a photo session with kids. We had the shoot when Antonia was 11 months old. During the shoot, she was already able to express both her happiness and disagreement. Unlike when I used to take mobile photos of her when she was less than 10 months old – all she could do was look at my phone camera, stare, and smile.

The photo session was more do-it-yourself as all the props and materials we used during the shoot were personally prepared by me and my friends. We exhausted all our resources and made sure we don’t spend too much on materials.

I wanted to have a newborn shoot, but I came to a realization that Antonia was still too young back then. I just wanted to give her all the tranquility she needed when she was few weeks old, and didn’t really bother to schedule a shoot. I find newborn photos cute, really, but just a personal preference that for my baby, I opted not to do it. For the main reason that I didn’t want to bug my baby during her sleep, and that I do not want to stress her out with lights and camera flashes here and there.

Here are 10 things you may want to remember for kids’ photo session:

  1. Set the best time. Only you as a parent knows the best time for a photo session. But natural lighting wise, avoid 10AM to 2PM as the sunlight is too sharp and too hot, hence, it might not be comfortable for your child. Make sure that during the photo shoot, your child has all the energy in the world. It means, he/she had enough sleep, tummy is full, and he/she is in a VERY VERY GOOD mood. I had to highlight it, yes.
  2. Pack all the necessary costumes, props, and accessories a day or two prior to the shoot. This allows ample time for you to add or remove items from your bag when there’s a need.
  3. Have your friends and family in the shoot (if you know your child enjoys their company, and is having fun around them). This can be a little bit tricky. Some children tend to be shy, or uncomfortable when there’s too many people around them. But since I am living in one roof with my friends, and all of them are too supportive, everyone was there during the shoot. And Antonia definitely had fun. We all know how to make her smile and laugh, so the session went smoothly.
  4. Choose your photographer wisely. This is as important as setting the time for the shoot. It will be best if you know him/her personally. We had the photo session with my friend Camille, who is very patient, and easy to get along with. We made sure that Antonia feels comfortable as if we were just playing.
  5. Discuss with your photographer what you want to achieve in the photos. I have witnessed tons of photo shoot in the past, whether it be editorial, bridal, for a magazine, and fashion, but infant and toddler photo shoot is just way too different. The only thing you can prepare for an infant photo session is the set up. Nothing more. The smile cannot be pushed, the pose cannot be forced. Being open and setting expectations with your photographer is definitely a must. You have to be transparent on what you want to see in photos. But of course, execution will come from your photographer.
  6. Hug the spontaneity.  Please don’t get easily frustrated when your child doesn’t comply with what you want. Kids are just being kids. The more spontaneous, the more the photos will exceed your expectations.
  7. Bring your child’s best friend (whether it be a toy, or ipad, or snacks). Bring whatever will make her feel well and happy. As for Antonia, her favorite snack is her best friend. Plus our loud and happy voices.
  8. Check the weather. Kids are neither supposed to get wet, nor toasted.
  9. Bring a lot of patience with you. Do not complain. Adults are supposed to understand more. No matter how hot, uncomfortable, and uneasy it is for you, just remember that your child may be feeling worse.
  10. Have fun in the shoot. If you don’t enjoy it, do not expect good quality photos.

Sharing with you some of my favorite photos:


Antonia (15)

Antonia (1)

  • Off the shoulder top: No brand, purchased in Singapore
  • Skirt: DIY
  • Headband: DIY
  • Shoes: DIY

Antonia -22

Antonia -40

Antonia -21

  • Top: Gingersnaps PH
  • Skirt: DIY
  • Headband and wrist accessories: DIY
  • Shoes: DIY

Antonia -180

Antonia -152

  • Ballet Dress: Rustan’s PH
  • Shoes: DIY
  • Headband: Aries accessories shop

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