2nd Wedding Anniversary 

Jay semi surprised me with a dinner date for our wedding anniversary. “Semi” because he had already plans of taking me out, but had to ask me in the end on which day we should go. He knows me too well that most of the time, I can’t take surprises and I always tend to spoil them.

He made a reservation at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse at the heart of Mohamed Sultan Road. I’m quite familiar with the area as I used to work within the vicinity. I know a lot of posh restaurants nearby and I knew he really took the time to research and make sure we will have some good food.

This is probably one of our favorite things to do during our anniversary (started when we were still in a boyfriend-girlfriend status). He doesn’t mind spending money on good food and great ambiance. We didn’t celebrate last year as we were still in an adjustment stage since we just got back to Singapore, and Antonia was only 3 months old back then.

But this year, we were able to spend a good 3-4 hours together, catching up and just really talking about how things are going.


I initially wanted this post to be sort of a review of the restaurant (had a request on Facebook to review food and restaurants), but this post might not make it. I didn’t even get the chance to take quality photos. I can’t blame myself, really. The moment I stepped on the restaurant, to my head was: I just wanted to chill and cherish this moment with my husband. That being said, I can’t make an in-depth review of the food, but I can share the overall experience.

Jay and I ordered soup, salmon salad, steak, cherry tomatoes and a bottle of red wine. I’m such a terrible blogger, I realized. Haha. I’m writing what we had, but no photos, no description. Lol.

I’m trying to make this as informative as possible, ok? Please bear with me. Lol

Food – steak was really good, and this restaurant is what they are known for; and the cherry tomatoes were awesome

Ambiance – average. I’m not sure if it’s because it was a Sunday, and most people were in a group of 6 and above, so it was a bit noisy, and not as peaceful as I expected.

Price – $300-$400 if you want to go all out with food (making what we ordered as a basis). We did splurge on this date, but it’s our wedding anniversary, so no issues on the price. This is a once a year thing, so we’re closing our eyes on how much we spent. Haha.

To my mister, Happy Wedding Anniversary! Our relationship is not perfect, and will not be perfect, but I’m glad to share all the imperfections with you. I love you with all my might. Cheers to more anniversaries!

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