Makeup for My Own Wedding

My husband and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary so I thought of digging out photos from our files. I realized I can make a blog post on my experience of doing my own makeup for our wedding.

I have done makeup for a lot of brides, and I was too certain that I wanted to do my makeup for my own wedding. It was a success, but probably the most challenging I have ever done.

To my head, it was very simple – since I know my face very well and I can do my full face everyday makeup in 20 minutes, things will probably be like rolling off a log. But I was wrong. Doing my own makeup was more defying than I ever imagined. I was thinking to myself that if I mess up, I screw up my own wedding (or I can spend 5 hours doing my face and make everyone wait). Truth is, everything is just nerve-wracking on a couple’s wedding day itself.

I never really thought of pampering myself on the day. I know myself too well that I would make actions myself on just about anything. I even distributed crew meals because I was too worried that my wedding teams were getting hungry. I did the makeup for 3 of my bridesmaids too, before I touched my own face. It was totally the most challenging but most rewarding experience as a professional makeup artist.

I was literally shaking when I was doing my own makeup. Probably because I was too worried that if I make mistakes, it’s just going to be troublesome to remove and re-do my makeup. But after I have successfully done my makeup, the feeling was really amazing. I can’t imagine any other person doing my makeup but myself. I had planned for it a long time ago (eversince I studied makeup), and it was definitely such an amazing feeling to be able to do things as I wanted.

Here are some of my favorite photos:





I can always choose to have someone do my makeup on our special day, but I chose to do it myself, not because I don’t trust any other person, but I just really wanted to tick this off my bucket list. It was such a fulfillment, and the feeling was beyond amazing.

All our wedding photos were captured by the awesome Jeremy Sandel and Wonderwall Exposure team. He made a blog post about our wedding too.

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