Outfit Diaries: In Vest

I’m trying to make Friday as the official day to post for Antonia’s outfit diaries.

Last night, as I was looking for Antonia’s outfit for the next day and found a cute little vest that we purchased from a flea market not a long time ago. It was so tiny and I just find it really cute from the rack. I purchased it for S$5 which I thought was a great steal. This made me realize that flea markets offer some good stuff for kids too.
I am planning to sew a vest like this when I have the time. It looks easy (looks, but I’m not saying it is). Fact is that, I purchased this for the reason that I can make a sewing pattern out of this, and make something similar for Antonia. I should be asking the help of creative fairy by now. 🙂

  • Top/Vest: flea market
  • Leggings: Poney Singapore
  • Shoes: SM Department Store, PH
  • Headband: Carousell

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