Antonia’s First Birthday

Warning: This is a very late post. Lol

Antonia’s first birthday was in July and I just had the chance to write this, mainly because I couldn’t grab the photos from our camera to post them here. Hmm,not that I couldn’t, but I got terribly lazy. And since I have all the energy today, I’m making this post possible. Lol.  DSC_0733-1


We have planned for Antonia’s birthday for roughly 3 months. By saying we, my husband, and my friends plan for the party to happen. After days of searching through Pinterest, we just thought of having Modern Victorian as her theme. Truth is, we just made up the concept (or probably it is already existing). We just wanted something in between classic and modern, hence, Modern Victorian.

The husband and the daughter
Antonia’s full outfit is DIY

It was truly a short preparation, but I am really blessed to be planning this with family and friends. For someone working overseas, resources are very limited, but having people around me who love my daughter so much make things possible.

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