Princess Jasmine

The little miss is drooling at the lollipop, I know. Haha.

Lately, it’s becoming a challenge to take Antonia’s outfit of the day, as she becomes easily distracted by just about anything. I would normally take her photo on the same spot everyday, but I feel that she’s just too used to it, and couldn’t really spend time in paying attention.


And so I thought of giving her something that would make her drool and pay attention to.

Lollipop is the winner! She couldn’t contain her excitement when I opened the pack, and she was just extremely happy to be trying a hard candy for the very first time.


Please don’t judge, I just let her have it for a good 2 minutes, and she returned it to me easily when I asked for it. 😀


Okay, on to the outfit. This outfit is a bit inspired by Princess Jasmine. I didn’t thought of it though, until a friend on Facebook commented that her romper looks a bit like that of Princess Jasmine of Aladdin.

  • Romper – gift from her godmother
  • Shoes – H&M
  • Headband – Carousell


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