Mini Dress and Boots

Mini dress and boots go well together. I don’t think I need more introduction on this.

We purchased this boots about 2 weeks ago, and I must admit, it is so easy to pair it with just about anything.

My husband and I debated for a while on which pair to purchase, and this blue pair of boots is actually his choice.




I don’t like anything covering my ears 😦

Antonia used to be fine with anything I ask her to wear; but now that she can freely do what she wants, she seriously removes anything that covers her ears.

I have always wanted her to wear sunglasses, or masks during parties, but anything that goes beyond her ears to her face seem to always irritate her.

Anyway, this has been a very late post. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another outfit of the day 🙂

Happy day!

  • Mini dress: H&M
  • Boots: H&M
  • Hat: Cotton On

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