Straight from the Heart: Starting from Scrap

If there is one thing that I am very passionate about, it is making and designing fashion jewelry.

I discovered my love for craft and DIY projects in college wherein I made party favors for my 18th birthday. I bought beads and elastics, then turned them into necklaces and bracelets. It wasn’t the best, but it was the mark of my love for costume jewelries.

After getting my degree, I straight away put up a small costume jewelry manufacturing with the help of my dad. He runs his own manufacturing company of genuine and synthetic leather goods at our hometown. Being exposed to making leather goods, there are too many scraps from bags and wallets sitting on the factory’s storage, and I knew I can make use of them. Through deep thinking and my love for costume pieces, I made necklaces out of leather scrap.

A decade ago, I was not exposed to Pinterest and internet connection was way too bad in our hometown. I didn’t have any formal studies in jewelry making or designing and the only way was to really explore my imagination. I remember doing some trial and error, cutting pieces here and there. From sketching, to pattern making, to sewing, I was able create these pieces because of my passion for craft and costume jewelries.

Sharing with you some of the designs I was able to keep in my Facebook album:


I sold these to individuals and some were mass produced for some local department stores in the Philippines.

I may not be able to make these now due to limited resources, but I am extremely glad that I was able to do something I am really passionate about.

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