This is why I don’t accomplish anything on Saturdays

How many times have I created a weekend to-do list? Countless. How many times have I set my reminders to clean my makeup brushes, or to re-arrange my closet, or to sew? Many times. Have I actually done things? No. I am bound to do nothing.

This is the actual scenario. My daughter wakes up between 7 and 7.30 in the morning. She doesn’t recognize weekends, unfortunately. Weekend to her means another play day. She doesn’t know that weekend is meant to extend the sleeping hours to maybe an hour or two, because it’s a non-working day for her parents.

I prepare breakfast, then my daughter and I head to the park or to the apartment hallway to breathe in some fresh air, and to blow, chase, and pop bubbles.

There comes bath time, lunch, play, and milk time.

After milk time is hallelujah!! Rejoice because it’s nap time!! This is the best time to do my chores. I do some dishwashing, but then I am so jealous of my daughter. She sleeps so peacefully. Plus, I feel guilty too; because while she’s still sleeping, it is the best time to hug her without disagreements. This is also the moment I can take back the hours of sleep I am supposed to extend in the morning but was taken away from me. I feel cheated. So I take a nap too, beside her.

After taking a nap with her, we are both awake. Then I would regret it. I should have done my sewing, my diy project, my craft.

Upon waking up, I am only bound to do few things, and that includes open egg surprise, close egg surprise, and I should never forget to shake shake shake.

Another job of mine is being the cashier. My daughter loves to do grocery shopping, and no one can handle the cash register except me. By the way,the cash register is the Wifi router.

There she wants to be the chef. The chef is so impatient, everything has to be put back together for her. I realize I am growing some muscles because of these velcro veggies (thanks to you).

After her being the chef, she wants to be an artist. She picks her colouring book and I am meant to just watch her while she mentions she is using the colors – blue, red, orange, and purple. I have to look at her because she needs assurance that she is on to the right colors.

Then she gets hungry, it’s dinner time, and to my shock, Saturday has passed just like that.

If you are a mother, and you are reading this, be guilty. You may not be doing the exact same things  on Saturdays, but we are all guilty of doing such weird things to make our little ones happy. To be brutally honest, the first few days of doing the same things over and over are so boring. Then it makes it more fun because you are already on to the pointless pretensions that you are a sous-chef. Putting back the egg together gets a lot easier like it’s your job and saying shake shake shake is like having the last song syndrome of your favorite teenage song.

P.S. My hands are itching to buy Play-Doh despite the packaging says it’s for ages 2+ or 3+. 

P.S. Number 2: My daughter is watching Play doh reviews on Youtube, and I screamed, because she changed the channel. I want to learn how to do those yummy looking popsicle Play Doh for goodness sake. Please do not judge me. End of story.

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