Farewell Courageous Caitie

Dear Courageous Caitie,

You do not know me personally, I don’t know your parents personally, but since I knew your story, Gofund Me has been updating me. I am a mother, and a daughter too.

Let me tell you a few things, you were a very beautiful little lady. You had this distinct smile that every time I read about your updates, my heart pumped up with so much courage. Your alias Courageous Caitie suited you well.

My morning routine included you. The only email I read every morning was Baby Center’s update, and Louisse’s GoFund Me update. I don’t know Louisse either, but I was touched by how she wrote about you.

You were a gem. You were what mothers, parents, and adults in general should be looking up to. At the age of 3, you knew far better than any teenage girl who’s only problem is if she will be allowed to go out with her friends. I cannot compare your courage with anyone. I cannot compare the smile you gave on every photo.

Today, the parents, parents-to-be, and my Facebook feed is crying. We are in grief because we are following your story. We are crying now, but crying for the right reasons.

I do not know how many times I have complained because the train is too crowded. I am fighting my own battles everyday, small battles that might not be significant, but I call it a battle. With your beautiful smile on your photos, I didn’t see any marks of whining. I didn’t see any complaints, and I felt in your smile that complaining is the biggest waste of time there is.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me that I am not always in control, but that God is. You simply made me realize that life is about putting myself in the best possible position but not entirely making control of the situation. You never chose the situation you were in, but living everyday with a smile on your face, without doubt that your present is as promising as your future, you got me in there. I was moved.

Reading about how brave you were, I realized that you were fighting not to win, but you were fighting to fight. It was not about the end goal, but it was about your experience and your journey to fight.

You had inspired me to finish my day, and let the days come and go; that there are awful days, and happy days. The most important thing is, that we had to finish that day, and be prepared for a tomorrow.

Your parents are inspiration to other parents. They are as strong as you were. You made your parents proud, Courageous Caitie.

Rest before you are tired, because I’m pretty sure that wherever you are now, there’s more playing, and there’s a lot of fun activities in there.

P.S. Just so you know, and I hope you heard us, my husband, my daughter, and I prayed for you before hitting the sack tonight. If there is internet connection in heaven, please know that a lot of people followed your journey, and we are moved by your story.

  1. Well said Mommy..My words too.. I think we all feel the same, as a mother, we are deeply moved by Caitlin’s story as if we are her parents too. Never in a day that I won’t visit her page because this little girl touched me in so many ways. The moment she passed away, I broke down in between sobs. I felt as if I lost a child too.

  2. Hi there! This is a very nice letter to Courageous Caitie. I cried while reading your blog. I can relate to the life lessons you learned from Courageous Caitie’s journey. Thank you so much for this. You summarized all my feelings in one letter. How I wish Courageous Caitie can read this letter. She would be really happy to know how she affected lives of many people. Indeed, she made the world a better place. 🙂

  3. Well said. Indeed we are moved by your story Caitie. Thank you because you inspired as a lot. Your family is really a blessing to all people who followed your story. We are always thankful for your beautiful life and your family as well. Thanks most to our Almighty Father. We will continue to follow your Family’s Journey and continue to include in our daily prayers.
    God is good. Keep the faith.

    God bless us all!

  4. I feel you. In such a second a realized that Caitie caught my heart. I love you baby girl. Your lost is like im lossing a child too. I know that youre in God’s hand. You really touhed my heart babygirl.

  5. Exactly how i feel. How i wish courageous caitie could read this letter. Ever since i started following her courageous battle, there is not a day i didn’t cry and prayed for her. The day (night time here in US) when i read the post that she was in critical condition, i was checking my FB like every 5 mins! I was so worried and scared… Then the post “Thy will be done”, i broke down and kneeled down the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary’s image and prayed while crying asking for a miracle… It was indeed answered but in a different now, i could still feel the pain of losing her as if she was my own. Thank you caitie for touching my heart. With your story i learned to be more patient with my son and love him even more. Thank you Lucas family for sharing caitie with us even in just fb posts we learned to love caitie.

  6. I love this letter to Caitie. I can feel the pain,too. Its very heart breaking. I cry everytime I see pictures of Caitie and how courageous she is in fighting her own battle. She’s too young to have faced all of this. And ask question, why Caitie? As a mother, it is so hard to move on and wake up each day without the joy of your life. So many memories always linger on and on even when eyes closed. Every step that you make,everything that you do just reminds of all the good times spent together as a family. It is easier really said than done to move forward and be strong to face new challenges that God has given us. I may not know the right words to say to help ease the pain of your parents that was feeling right now. I don’t know you personally, but I was moved by your story. Everyday I look at your page to see more of your happy pictures with your family. And it make my heart broken. You are a true angel. I believe that God has send you as our angel to know more about Him and His love for us. And that there is life after death in Heaven. I dont know how, but you changed a lot in me, especially on trusting God and His purpose. I’m ashamed of myself of complaining on even small things. You teach me not to. I saw how you endure every pain and turn it to good memories and happy moments with your family. You’re an inspiration to all of us. God bless your family more. We will always pray for you and your family. Farewell little Angel.

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