Spring Style

It’s already spring time in some parts of the world, but for people living in a tropical country like we do, we can only indulge on Spring fashion/style. Haha.

Spring is all about light, fresh, pastel color. If I get the chance to live in a country where I can experience Spring, it will surely be my favorite season.



One thing I’ve been very busy about lately is making flower crown. I’m selling these within Singapore, and I am happy to share some of the designs here.



I’m trying to get help to design/make/supply these for me. We are still in the process of product development. I’m planning to sell more of these crowns but I am not sure if I can produce a lot, so assistance from a supplier definitely helps.


designed/made in PH by a friend
designed/made in PH by a friend

Earning some extra $$$ from here, but it’s nothing big or major. The fact that I am able to do something I am really passionate about counts more than the dollar, ’cause even if I am not selling these, I’ll continue to create this type of craft for my daughter.

Thank you so much to Antonia for being so supportive by being my model. Haha.  

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