A Day at the Park

Picnic is probably one my family’s favorite activity, mainly because it involves eating. 

Great thing is that, we share the same interests with our friends. It all started with picnic, but it ended up with, “let’s do a surprise baby shower” for one of my friends or known better as my family here in Singapore. 

We like Pinterest-worthy stuff. Doing outdoor activities would not stop us from making cute and dainty setting.

Planning surprise parties has been our thing, but it was our first time to do it at a park and an open area. The main challenge was the hot weather and humidity. Nevertheless, we were still able to pull it off despite the dehydration (haha kidding).

photo credits: Glendz


It was a gender reveal themed party, so colors were more blue and pink. I’m happy to share my do-it-yourself bow tie and flower corsage.

photo credits: Glendz

I guess, the one who enjoyed it the most is Antonia. She had so much fun with the balloons and bubbles.





It’s a boy!


beautiful backdrop created by: Rochi and Cee

Congratulations, Daddy Jep and Mommy Pola! See you soon, baby boy! 

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