Outfit Diaries: Every Photo Has a Story

Happy TGIF! Instead of talking about how I came up with Antonia’s outfit of the day, let me do something a little bit different.

When Antonia was about 12-18 months old, taking her outfit of the day photos was an exact representation of life, there’s ups and downs.

I don’t take too much of her time and I would usually just allow maximum of 5 minutes because after that, she might already be disliking at. She’s a toddler, and a short attention span is her thing.

I should say, she has gotten used to this, that every time she is getting dressed, she would voluntarily walk towards a wall and smile. 

Every shot has a story to tell. I won’t be fabricating stories here, but this is what really happened.

She was eating bread prior to photo taking. I took the bread from her and the story goes on.

Please see caption for the “story”.

huh? where’s my bread???

give me mah bread yo!!!
I told you I’m hungry (though she just had a full meal prior to this)
okay, I’m ready. Take a shot now.

When I told her she can have more bread after this, she gave me this face:

whoah! bread again? hmmm
great!! I’ll give you more of my pretty smile!


let me eat again, sorry, hungry tummy here

End of story.

P.S. : She likes her feet being photographed. 


  • Dress- Bloom
  • Shoes- Mini Melissa
  • Headwrap- DIY by the momma

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