Upcycled #2: From Top to Bottom

I didn’t realize how sewing can  change my life, my wardrobe, and my daughter’s closet.

I studied basic sewing and pattern making way back 2009, but I have not really practiced the skills until last year when I was trying to clear my wardrobe and realized that there are so many clothes that I have not been wearing but deserve some loving. So I thought of getting back on track and sew again.

There are two things on my mind while typing the title.

1) From top to bottom – I did a little bit of sewing of my old top and converted it to my daughter’s skirt.

2) From top (headband) to bottom (skirt) is do-it-yourself. 


I am in love with off-the-shoulder top. I don’t even know how many I have collected in my closet, and Antonia  won’t miss it ’cause I created a pattern and sew for her this white off-the-shoulder top.

Her headband is also handmade by yours truly. She loves wearing it and while I was designing this headband, comfort was one of the first things I thought of.


The skirt’s length is uneven because the top itself used to be long and uneven too; so I just went ahead and didn’t bother to change the shape of it. 

from an unwanted top to her favorite bottom

I don’t really plan to buy clothes for my little miss because as mentioned on my first upcycled post, I am keeping a box full of stuff that are ready for upcycling.

I realized that I don’t really need to spend much to make my daughter wear nice clothes; sometimes, the nicest things are being neglected. They just need some modification and they shall be back to life again. 

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