Outfit Diaries: Twinning with the Father

I’m happy to take my daughter’s style to the next level by not just letting her wear girly stuff. I’m trying to be more edgy and playful on dressing her up. I actually have so much fun choosing her clothes and styling her on weekends (it’s the only time I can do it ’cause she’s in a childcare during weekdays and she wears her uniform). I must confess that, a lot of times, I feel that she does not have enough clothes to wear. It is a dilemma of every girl (forgive me Antonia, for dragging you to this dilemma, but it is such a joy to be able to dress you up).

Whenever we browse for clothes at the shopping mall, boys’ section interests me the most because I know I can make my imagination work by choosing pieces from the boys and put it together with girly pieces.






While we were getting ready, my husband joked about us making so much adjustment every time just to match with our daughter’s oufit. Oh well.


Although it doesn’t fit the theme, let me insert a photo of us 🙂 



  • Off-the-shoulder top: DIY
  • Overall: H&M
  • Boots: H&M
  • Socks: Uniqlo

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