My Mommy is a Liar

My mother has lied to me many times, but I have never imagined if life would be this great without her lies and pretensions.

  1. She lied to me when she said that giving birth to me was not painful at all. The physical pain of giving birth did not matter to her because the joy of having me and my brother felt too overpowering than labor pains, and needles. 
  2. In 2003, we were robbed and lost everything. She lied to me when she said everything was okay. I never felt we lost anything. There was always food on the table, there was always cake during birthdays, there was always love on every occasion.
  3. She lied to me when she said she was not hungry, and instead she just watched me eat. It was the last food on the table, but she was holding a glass of water while telling me her tummy felt so full and that I should finish my meal because I looked too hungry.
  4. She lied to me when she says she loves me. It was not just ordinary love. It was love beyond what anyone could offer. Her love for us is unconditional. Saying I love you meant nothing, because her love for us means more than those three words. She is willing to give us everything including her own happiness and comfort just to make us feel good.
  5. She lied to me when she said she slept well when I was sick. Even if my temperature was too high, I was still conscious of what she was doing. She woke up every hour to check on my temperature, she woke up every two hours to do a sponge bath, she woke up every minute to check if I was sweating.
  6. When I gave birth to Antonia, I found her carrying my baby and hugging her tight with her eyes closed in the middle of the night. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was afraid that my daughter will be stolen, and that there were reports about stolen children in the hospital. She lied to me. She just couldn’t let my daughter go even for a minute, and even during her sleep.
  7. She lied to me when I was young. She made me believe that everyday is Christmas day because I receive a simple present from her everyday she comes home from work.
  8. She pretended she was angry during my youth every time I screw up and every time I mess up my life. She was never angry. She was sad, but she was hopeful that things will get better for me and that I would see light, and choose the good, rather than settling for the bad, and the convenient.
  9. She lied to me about being strong. She has her own weaknesses, but she pretends that weakness is not part of her vocabulary.
  10. She lied to me about Santa Claus. There was never a Santa Claus who gifted me with a Barbie doll, it was just her. I saw her one night placing a box inside the Christmas socks.

I got older, I became a mother too. The day my child was born was the day I realized that mothers are liars and great pretenders. They would lie to make their children feel the greatest even if it means sacrificing their own life and happiness.

I love you so much, Mame! Happy Mother’s Day! Everyday is Mother’s Day because every single day, you do every effort to make your being a mother apparent. You are beyond admirable. I will never ever wish to exchange places with anyone because life you have given me is perfect; and you are perfect. I love with all my might.

Photo credits: Jeremy Sandel


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