Shirt or Dress?

It’s been two weeks since I had updated this blog. I  wanted to feel guilty every time but I just don’t really have the time to write at night because I’ve been swamped with both work and family responsibilities.

I’m trying out a schedule, and hopefully it’s going to work out so I can post more religiously.

On to Antonia’s outfit:

She received this shirt as a gift a year ago, and I realised it is actually meant for a 5-year old. It was of course, too big for her. I asked her to try it out, and it looks amazing on her as a dress. Without hesitation, I threw it on the machine to wash – instant shirt dress it is!

One of the things I always remember when buying clothes for my daughter is to buy a size bigger. Her shoes are also one size bigger, hence, the use of thick socks to make it comfortable for her to wear! Haha. In this way, we are able to maximise the use of every clothes / shoes. As parents all know, our kids grow so fast, and I just want to avoid having to spend a lot of money on things and put them into waste.

I added a headband (my husband handkerchief) to make it a lot more street style. This one is just random, ’cause while we were on the train, I thought of making her wear the handkerchief to make her look more edgy.

It’s funny how she dislikes being photographed without a wall. I guess she’s just not used to a different background. We tried it out near a bike parking space, but she was too uncomfortable, so we had to go back to our usual wall photos.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was pretty simple for us and we didn’t really go out after church. It was a fun-filled day at home and I cooked some delish meal for my family.

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