About empaycheeks

Kill your time with the momma! 🙂

Empaycheeks is a Singapore mommy blog on lifestyle, kids, kids fashion and styling, crafts and DIY’s.


My name is Tin, Singapore-based. I’m a mother to Antonia.

I’m working full time as HR and Finance Manager in a technology media and events company.

I love to dress up my daughter like a Barbie doll. I style and  I make some do-it-yourself projects for my daughter. I used to be a costume jewelry designer/maker for ladies (although I still do it when I have the time),  but now, I mostly do crafts, like hair accessories, and dresses for my little miss. I love re-purposing too; my old or unused clothes are put into good use by turning them into my girl’s dresses.

I am a professional makeup artist, and accepts occasional makeup gigs.

My initial goal is to show this blog to my daughter when she grows up, and document her activities and outfit of the day; but upon talking to people, and friends who are encouraging me to make use of this blog to share my ideas and craft, this blog is now more open to exploring crafts, DIY’s, lifestyle, family activities, and some random words on parenting and being a mother.

Want to get in touch? Email me: empaycheeks@gmail.com




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