About empaycheeks

Hello! My name is Christine. Momma to Sage Antonia and Skye Martino. I’m from Philippines, but currently living in the sunny Singapore.

I’m working full time as Senior Account Manager for a technology platform, helping startups and entrepreneurs.

I studied Artistic Makeup at Lasalle College International, Manila and accepts occasional makeup gigs on weekends. I review makeup and skincare products.

I love playing dress up and I style my daughter like a Barbie doll. I love crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Life changed after having a baby boy though, because having both a girl and a boy mostly leads to random, but fun moments.

I used to be a costume jewelry designer/maker for ladies (although I still do it when I have the time). I love re-purposing too; my old or unused clothes are put into good use by turning them into my girl’s dresses.

Want to get in touch? Email me: empaycheeks@gmail.com



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