What Would Antonia Wear: Modern Princess Themed Party

I’m starting a series called What Would Antonia Wear to play with different types of costumes and outfit for my little girl. There’s not really much parties to attend to, but I just thought that given a chance, this series would feature some outfit ideas for my little one for different types of occasion.

Princess themed party is probably one of the most popular for kids’ birthdays. This is the time when little girls can glam up, and be in character with Disney princesses. But I thought of adding some modern twist to it.

Here’s what Antonia would wear:

I’m a princess
Layered two different hair accessories for a more chic look



  • Dress: Gift from her Grandpa and Grandma from PH
  • Beaded Tiara: Cotton On
  • Flower Headband: Lovisa

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