Print on Print: Stripes + Floral

Print on print is one of my favorite and probably most used style. Styling prints can be a little bit tricky. Not all prints can look good together; not all colors complement each other.

Stripes is one of those which easily matches everything, and so is small floral print pattern. Mixing the two together is easy as pie.

Styling Tip from Antonia: Make one of the prints as your guide. In this case, floral pattern leggings is her ‘primary’ print. If colors on the floral pattern are looking good together, then it will be a lot easier to choose the same color palette for your shirt. Following the colors from the floral print – blue, white and a hint of pink on the stripes shirt match the florals perfectly.

  • Shirt: Cotton On
  • Leggings: Cotton On
  • Shoes: Mini Melissa
  • Headband: DIY
  • Smile: Free! Share your smile 🙂

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