Future World:Where Art Meets Science

In as much as I appreciate anything artsy-crafty, my little nugget usually enjoys art plus active play combined. The exhibition at Art Science Museum’s Future World is the perfect place to go to.
The exhibition is divided into four categories: Nature, Town, Park, Space.
Upon entering the exhibition hall, a huge room with virtual flowers would amaze you. The visuals are moving, so the lights would hit your lenses on different angles.

The second part of Nature theme describes climate change. It is a room with calming music, there’s bean bags where you can chill and watch how the visuals describe climate change and it’s effect to nature. It is dedicated to educate the younger ones.



Town is set to encourage children to learn through playing. There is a dedicated area to create your own piece such as cars, buildings, trucks. You may scan your piece, and it will be shown on to the screen.

After scanning, it is shown on the screen
There’s an area for slide too!
Media Block Chairs (the blocks change its color)


This is where the interactive play begins.

As Barney sings, “when you have a ball, you have the world’s greatest toy of all”. This is probably the most used among the other areas, for one, my daughter spent a good 2 hours at the park alone, playing with the huge balls.


Colorful balls
The most fun part of the exhibition (at least for my child)

Yes, hugging.



Another area for to do some arts and colors is under the sea themed. The drawings can be scanned and printed into 3D drawings too.




The show ends with a crystal universe, where you enter a room of stunning light particles. The lights are installed where the variation responds to mass and motion of people entering the room. Isn’t it amazing?


Future World at the Art Science Museum is a permanent exhibition.

Ticket price: Standard price for adult is S$17. For residents (locals and pass holders), it is offered at S$14. Child below 2 years old is free. Children 2-12 years old is at S$10 (regular price), residents at S$7.

**Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of Art Science Museum, but expect a very long queue. We purchased our tickets at the Mastercard Box Office at Marina Bay Sands.


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